Web Site use

Please email me and advise if you look at this.

Daily?  Weekly? Monthly?

Depending on response we may not spend as much time on the site.


Bill WS1C     WS1C@fpcarc.org or  WS1C@arrl.net


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FPCARC Yahoo group

Thanks to W3CF we now have a club Yahoo Group       W4FPC



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Nice Article



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VE Dec. 6

WB2CIC will need help conducting VE at EOC  at 0900 on December 6th.

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2014 FD scores

NFL FD scores

W4FPC field day results

not bad – tops for our catagory!


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Holiday Social

It is only 3 weeks until the Social at the Palm Coast Yacht Club on  Dec. 3  at 1800 or 6 PM local.  Please let Marilyn DePoalo know your choice   mdcapt@bellsouth.net.





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Antenna parties

A link to our Facebook and recent antenna erections.  you all do look at FPCARC facebook?


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Northern FL news

You might want to check the NFL web site  http://arrl-nfl.org/wp/ for information.

Ed W9CHF is doing a great job.  You do check http://www.arrl.org/ regularly?

You will find links on NFL to FPCARC (here) and Ed’s Ubuntu page among other things.

I have been appointed Technical Specialist, which means I will help with technical problems as I always have.  This is a confusing position as the League has T Coordinators and T Advisors also.

FPCARC needs an affiliated club coordinator.  Look up on ARRL web.   Yes we are affiliated.


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Amateur radio antennas

A recent perusal of Palm Coast building codes found the City has finally caught up with State and Federal laws governing amateur radio structures.

Sec. 54-34. – Exempt installations.

The following uses are exempt from the provisions of this article notwithstanding any other provision of the City’s land development regulations, but are subject to all applicable building code compliance and building permit reviews:

(1)  Non-commercial, amateur radio antennas as provided for in Section 125.561, Florida Statutes.

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October 18 Minutes

MINUTES 10.18.14
Las Palmas, Town Center, Palm Coast

The meeting was opened at 9:15 a.m.

Mel, club president, W2MEL, led the Pledge of Allegiance

The attendees introduced themselves.

President’s Report:

Mel reported that we will have 3 speakers at today’s meeting. Steve Szabo, the Section Manager will speak. Ed, W9CHA & Paul, K3NON will be speaking on topics related to DSTAR. There would be a delay in that the projector and screen needed for Ed and Paul are late in arriving.

September minutes had been published on the club’s website. They were accepted as published.

Treasurer’s Report:

Sally, KI4ZPP, did not expect to make the meeting. Bill, WS1C, reported that Sally told him all was OK and we were current on our bills. (Sally came into the meeting at the end. She submitted a written report to the officers.)

Repeater Committee:

Bill, WS1C, delivered the report. The repeater was in good working order. He expected to have voice I’d on the repeater by the end of the month.

Nominating Committee:

Charlie, WB2CIC, delivered the committee’s report. There were nominees for President and Treasurer. Need candidates for Vice President and someone who can serve as a Secretary fill time. Please consider volunteering. The election will be at the next meeting.

Christmas Social:

The social will be at the Yacht Club 12.3.14. The fee will be $28. The menu options will be emailed to the membership shortly. Let Marilyn know your selection as soon as possible. Make out your check out to Bill Schwartz. There is a cash bar.

There was no new business.

Upcoming events and meetings:

Bill, WS1C, listed upcoming events and meetings through the end of December. A list of the events will be posted on the club website. The November membership meeting will be 11.8, with the 2015 elections on the agenda. The club social will be 12.3 at the Yacht Club. There is no membership meeting in December. The club will sponsor a VE session on 12.6 at 9 am at the EOC. SEE THE CLUB WEBSITE FOR THE OTHER EVENTS.

Guest Speaker: Steve Szabo, WB4OMM, ARRL Section Manager North Florida

Steve urged members to visit the Section’s Website. It has been revamped. Great source for information for the membership. He is looking input from the members.

Steve appointed Bill, WS1C, as a technical specialist.

He is trying to visit as many clubs as possible. Attended the ARRL Convention.

The three Section managers for Florida recently met in Melbourne.

He talked about his contesting activity as an ARRL official.

Steve, responding to a question, talked about hams with disabilities. Members joined in the discussion. All agreed that clubs must insure the opportunity for all hams to participate in club activities.

A ham asked about the status of the antenna bill (HR4969). The bill attempts to overrule rules of Home Owners Associations that prevent hams from participating in emergencies. Steve noted that Congress is out of session. We should continue to press our local Congressman to support this legislation. A member noted that Congressman Desantis has expressed reservations about the legislation.

A member raised the issue of different sections, counties etc taking different approaches in terms of emergency communications. The context for this question was the digital modes. Steve noted that this issue was discussed by the Florida Section Managers at their meeting in Melbourne. Currently, the approach is to encourage experimentation and have the various sections adopt was is best for them.

The meeting recessed at 10:01 and resumed at 10:14.

The next speaker was Ed Biederwolf, W9CHA from Ocala. Ed is the webmaster for the section’s web page. He has been a frequent speaker at Hamcation and other events and club meetings.

Ed announced that he reclaims donated computers and loads Ubuntu on them. Ubuntu is a Linux based programs. Ed equips these computers for DSTAR modes and for a companion program called DRATS. Ed had brought some of these computers to the meeting. After the meeting Ed gave these computers out to interested hams.

Ed then gave a talk on DSTAR & DRATS using a Power POINT style slide presentation. A copy of that presentation is on Ed’s web page-w9cha.com. Among the many topics covered in his presentation were how to program your radio to link to a repeater and/or a reflector, how to set up DRATS for use in Florida etc.

Ed’s session ended at approximately 11:16

Paul Branch, K3NON, from Tavares was scheduled to speak as well. Paul, like Ed, has been a speaker at Hamcation and other events and meetings. His topic was going to be the RASPBERRY Pi which is now being used in digital communications. Because of the lack of time, Paul’s presentation had to be postponed to a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:25

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