Flagler Palm Coast Amateur Radio Club
Mini- Field Day May 3, 2014 10 AM until 4 PM
East of Woody’s Barbeque in parking lot
Woody’s will be open for breakfast and lunch.
Public is welcome to event.
We will have a high frequency digital station, a high frequency voice and morse code station capable of working the world.
There will also be a VHF-UHF FM and digital voice station.
We will debut software to be used on the big field day on June 28 and 29, bring your laptop to get loaded and learn how to log with computers.
Come and operate for a while.
There will also be a ham radio equipment “tailgate”. Bring your surplus radio gear and maybe someone else will need it!.
For more information contact Chairman George, KD2AU,
at 1-917-848-5411 or KD2AU@fpcarc.org

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WS1C sale

For Sale    WS1C@fpcarc.org   or 386-283-4017       Will bring to May 3 tailgate

  1. Yaesu FT- 817   excellent condition with accessories, battery, Cell holder,                            AC charger, DC cable , book, box, PGM  software.                                      $500
  2.  Drake TR-4  W/Drake speaker – PS, new caps. mike, spare finals &                                other  tubes, Relay and socket, book, 150W output measured                 $400
  3.    Yaesu  ATAS- 120   automatic antenna W/ homebrew  mount  n 370  $200
  4. Bird 43 with N connectors, 100E UHF slug                                                   $200
  5. IC-T-90  Excellent with box and accessories  50, 144, 440 HT                 $150
  6. Mirage B108    tested 10=78, 5=60     W/preamp                                          $70
  7. Dummy load  to  900Mhz  -  100W CW   500W PEP                                    $50
  8. Garmin GPS-76 w/ external  antenna                                                             $40
  9. Micromatch  HF wattmeter 10-100-1000W  forward-reflected                $40
  10. Astron RS-12   13.6V 12 A linear PS     OK for 50W VHF-UHF                  $30
  11. Sola 120V 1000W ferro- resonant regulator                                                 $20
  12. Powerstat Q116 9A 120V 1000VA  variable transformer                           $20
  13. Pro Mariner 30A marine 3 battery charger                                                   $20
  14. Insignia DTV receiver with remote                                                                 $20
  15. Workman   UV325 dualband –NMO  new   146=1.5, 440=1.5                   $20
  16. Larsen Kulrod  5/8 w/magmount  7 cable BNC  145=1.15                          $15
  17. Antenna Spec.  magmount   2m 5/8  w/ UHF cable  148=1.1                     $15
  18. Unknown 5/8  Spring mount   excellent w/UHF cable 146=1.1                 $15
  19. CB magmount modified for 10 meters with UHF cable                               $15
  20. Uniden Bearcat BC-200XLT  with charger                                                   $15
  21. HF VSWR bridges, Motorola, Heath, Swan,  Amer.  Elect.    each              $10
  22. Texscan/Theta Comm 7272 VHF Signal level meter                                   $10
  23. Hombrew Power supply 13.6V 4.5A  w/powerpoles                                    $10
  24.  Hombrew  power supply 13.6V 4.0A  /powerpoles                                     $10
  25. Netgear WNR834B & Linksys BEFW1154 wireless routers both              $10
  26. Data switches, 2 way, one 4 way db-25 both for                                          $10
  27. Garmin GPSMAP 168, not working,  DC cable, data cable,                                                        AC supply, book                                                                                             $10
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Coming events

On Sunday April 27 we will be at the Flagler Schools Earth Day celebration at Princess Place, 11AM to 5 PM.  Anthony, KG4JSK, and myself,  WS1C, will set up the club station.  All are welcome to operate and talk up ham radio. Jose will fly a balloon with a GO-Pro wifi camera.   He could use someone with a heavy duty fishing reel and 50-90 pound line to reel the balloon  out and back in.

On Saturday May 3rd, 8AM to 4PM mini Field Day at Woody’s parking lot on Moody Blvd.  We will have 3 stations, all are welcome to come and operate and promote ham radio. This will be a practice for FD and introduce logging software.  We will also have a small tailgate swap shop.

And Saturday and Sunday June 28 and 29 Field Day at Mal Compra Park 115 Mal Compra Road, east from Bing’s Landing off A1A. Stay tuned for details, We hope to have 3 stations, Digital HF, SSB/CW HF and Digital/FM on VHF-UHF on noon to noon if we can get enough operators.  We would loke to have a GOTA station and a PR table, depending on interest.  ARRL web has all the details for FD.

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DSTAR and DMR on the same radio – COMING..!!

UPDATE – just got off the phone with Jerry from CSI – he informed me that the estimated price of the unit will be around $249 (tentative). This is a killer-price for the only radio in the world that does DMR and DSTAR and analog (narrow and wide-band).

If you just couldn’t make a decision on whether to get DSTAR (from Icom) or MotoTrbo from Motorola, you soon won’t have to choose. Get BOTH on the same handheld radio, in either VHF or UHF. Projected timeframe is FALL of 2014.

CSI (Connect Systems Inc) – legendary makers of the tone encoder/decoder boards (back when they weren’t available in handhelds and had to be installed as an aftermarket device) is already building DMR radios (of course, also capable of narrowband-FM) and have recently announced that they will be expanding the capability of their DMR radio to include DSTAR..!!

No cost projections yet, but their standard DMR radio is only $185 (Amateur Net) – compared to over $600 from Motorola, so expect that the new combo radio will be in the $350-400 range (my wild-ars-guess).

Here are some details

Screenshot 2014-03-23 18.17.17

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Coming Events

March 22 Sat. Transmitter hunt, free,  Daytona, starts behind Sears at Volusia mall @ 1900.  Feeding frenzy at Food Court 1800, good fellowship.  40 minute drive from PC.

March 29 Sat. Jacksonville RANGE Tailgate, free behind Terry Parker Baptist Church at 7024 Merrill Rd., JAX.  0700 to noon.  I hour drive from PC.

April 5 Sat.  DBARA tailgate, free, First Presbyterian Church south parking lot at 620 South Grandview Ave., DAB., 45 minutes from PC.



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ARRL NFL Section Manager Election

FROM: Stephen W. Szabo
Mar 11

Good Day to You!

I have been nominated and accepted as a candidate for the ARRL Northern Florida Section Manager position. If you are an ARRL member in good standing and live in the NFL Section, you are affected by this election which is approaching quickly.

You are receiving this message as you are in my contacts list and it is my belief you are one of the NFL section members who has a choice in this election. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RE-SEND IT TO ANY CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS, OR OTHER ARRL NFL MEMBERS YOU KNOW!!

The SM is the elected position that represents the section, makes ARRL appointments at the section level, and oversees ARES efforts. It is an important position. I am an ARRL Life Member, have worked at several ARRL field appointments, and support the league’s many efforts; even though at times, like you, I may not agree with everything that is done.

If you look up my call (WB4OMM) in www.qrz.com and read my bio and background, I am sure you would agree my qualifications far exceed the minimum for this position. Others may have some of these experiences, but not near the same level, tenure, or depth that I have. I am a retired Police Captain from Daytona Beach, experienced as an EOC Manager, and I enjoy an excellent reputation for organization and leadership.

I’m running on a platform of “no hidden agendas” – or put simply, I am not looking to “play politics”. I am not “coming in dumping people”, nor am I looking to make “big sweeping changes”. But it is my intent to move our Section forward and expand our capacities and capabilities. Our section has enjoyed some great successes and I want to build on these POSITIVE results. I am sure that like any other organization, there will be changes at some time, and some place, but that’s NOT what I am about.

EmComm and ARES remains a top priority and will continue to be sustained and guided. I also believe the Section Manager is responsible to support all of the interests of our service…. Contesting, QRP and CW, Traffic Handling, Nets, WinLink, Portable Ops, D-RATS, NTS, Digital, D-STAR, EchoLink, and QCWA, FCG, SKCC, OMISS, 10-10, ARCI-QRP and the multitude of other specialty modes and operations……..all deserve equal attention and I have been (and will remain) actively involved in most of them.

My vision for the Section is simple: Support and enhance the part of the Amateur Radio Service that is important to YOU; because without you, there is no Amateur Radio Service. Every facet of this hobby appeals to everyone differently. And that diverse, technical and operating knowledge and experience is what makes us a valuable community asset. We need to “market” ourselves and increase the public perception of what we do NOW, not what we did 50 years ago (although I am highly supportive of our great history!). We should increase our ranks with folks who are “radioactive”, and can contribute new ideas and develop new perspectives in our Service. We should thank those who have given personal time and effort for so much time while providing a service to our nation and the world.

I am hopeful the NFL members will elect me as a competent, fair, and unbiased ham radio practitioner looking to support all ARRL members and the entire Amateur Radio Service. That’s my platform. If you have any questions, contact me – by e-mail or telephone. I am here for YOU.

I am hoping you are a supporter! Either way, thank you for your time!

Steve Szabo WB4OMM

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Ham Radio Software

Ham Radio Software


CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats.

I have not tried yet, but AA6ML says it works.

73 Bill, WS1C

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A Wonderful Video Series on Amateur Radio

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February Meeting Minutes Posted

The minutes from the February general membership meeting have been published. Click Members and then click Meeting Minutes.

Reminder - The March FPCARC Membership Meeting will be this Tuesday, March 4th,

 Flagler County Government Services Building,

Building 2, Third Floor, Meeting Room 3

Starting at 18:00 hours local.

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DSTAR Repeater Install Soon

We will be installing a DSTAR repeater on the same tower as the current 147.075 (analog) machine in the next couple of weeks. No other assistance is needed at this time – and we will announce the frequency and callsign at a later date.

The repeater will not initially have Gateway access, since we don’t yet have an internet connection, but we’re hoping to have that problem resolved in the next few weeks.

More details to follow..

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