Upcoming events

FPCARC meeting  Sep. 13 Las Palmas  9AM

ARES meeting Sept 11 FHF

Bike MS Sept 20 & 21  ARES event

October – really busy

4th Hamfest JAX sponsored by Orange Park Club

10 & 11 Melbourne hamfest, one of the better


18 FPCARC meeting AM Las Palmas here     VE at EOC 1:00PM

25 NORARS tailgate JAX


1 LARA tailgate – clubhouse

8 FPCARC meeting AM Las Palmas


December 3        Holiday Party  PCYC

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Bike MS

Bike MS is just about a month away. The dates are September 20th and 21st. This is one of the largest events of the year so if you can help it’s greatly appreciated. If it’s just one or both days every bit matters and is greatly appreciated.

If interested please contact Flagler EC Jason Writtenhouse at kk4osd@arrl.net and he will get you signed up.

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For Sale from WB1AIL

A local ham has some items for sale
Ham Radio Items-
George Harnden-WB1AIL-386-864-5279-5/4/2014
(all prices are asking prices)

1. SWR and RF Power Meter-Tempo RFB-1A (no manual).Price-$30
2. Baker &Williamson TVI Filter-FL-10/1500. Price-$40
3. IC Active Audio Filter-Autek Research QF-1 (w/manual).Price-$25
4. SSB Transceiver-Swan 700cx (manual, earphones and mic). Price-$400 for items 4 , 5 ,and 6.
5. Power Supply (117 VAC) for above Swan 700.
6. Set of replacement tubes for above Swan 700 (w/8950 matched pair).
7. Transmitter-WRL Globe Chief Model 90 (w/manual).Price-$40 for items 7 and 8.
8. Set of spare tubes for Globe Chief (5-807’s, 1-6AG7, 1-12AU7A).
9. Micronta Field Strength and SWR Tester (w/manual). Price-$10
10. Wire Dipole with W2AU matching Balum set for 20-meter CW band, and
50 feet of RG-8U 50 Ohm Coax Cable (w/spare used Balum).Price-$25
11. Early telegraph Keyer and Receiver (J-38).Price-$20.
12. Several Standard Power Supplies
a. SPS 90D 12/15 Option 93, 12 to 15 vdc at 3.0A.Price-$20
b. SPS 30D 12/15 12 to 15vdc at .7A and 12 to 15vdc at .7A.Price-$10
13. Regulated Power Supply-Power/Mate Corp. 5volt 1.2A or 6volt 1.0A.Price-$15
14. W2AU Traps, two for 20 Meters, one for 10 Meters, and one for 15 Meters. Giveaway
15. Electronic Paddle Keyer-CMOS Circuitry plus four blank keyer pc boards. Price-$15
16. Two High Voltage Coils, two inch diameter, one 32 turns, the other 47 turns. Price-$5
17. Two large Variable Capacitors. $10 each
18. High Voltage Tubes (Used), 4X-250B Eimac (3), 4X-150A Eimac (5),New JAN 7034 Eimac (1) (4X-150A), RCA 8072 (2), and Eimac JAN-CIM-2C39A (2). Price for new tubes-$20 each, Used-$5 each
19. Two sockets SK600 (Air system socket for 4X-!50A Tube). Price-$25 each
20. Fluke 1910A Multi-counter and probe. Price-$40
21. Newport Panel Voltmeter-DC Volts (w/manual). Price-$10
22. Two multi-drawer table top cabinets of electronic parts resistors, capacitors, crystals, and sockets, etc for bread boarding transmitters and receivers. Price-$20 each cabinet. (one cabinet 50 drawers, other one less drawers)
23. Fifteen high voltage electrolytic capacitors for power supplies. Price-$15.
24. Eight small variable capacitors, various sizes. $10

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WS1C sale

For Sale    WS1C@fpcarc.org   or 386-283-4017       Will bring to May 3 tailgate

  1. Yaesu FT- 817   excellent condition with accessories, battery, Cell holder,                            AC charger, DC cable , book, box, PGM  software.                                      $500
  2.  Drake TR-4  W/Drake speaker – PS, new caps. mike, spare finals &                                other  tubes, Relay and socket, book, 150W output measured                 $400
  3.    Yaesu  ATAS- 120   automatic antenna W/ homebrew  mount  n 370  $200
  4. Bird 43 with N connectors, 100E UHF slug                                                   $200
  5. IC-T-90  Excellent with box and accessories  50, 144, 440 HT                 $150
  6. Mirage B108    tested 10=78, 5=60     W/preamp                                          $70
  7. Dummy load  to  900Mhz  -  100W CW   500W PEP                                    $50
  8. Garmin GPS-76 w/ external  antenna                                                             $40
  9. Micromatch  HF wattmeter 10-100-1000W  forward-reflected                $40
  10. Astron RS-12   13.6V 12 A linear PS     OK for 50W VHF-UHF                  $30
  11. Sola 120V 1000W ferro- resonant regulator                                                 $20
  12. Powerstat Q116 9A 120V 1000VA  variable transformer                           $20
  13. Pro Mariner 30A marine 3 battery charger                                                   $20
  14. Insignia DTV receiver with remote                                                                 $20
  15. Workman   UV325 dualband –NMO  new   146=1.5, 440=1.5                   $20
  16. Larsen Kulrod  5/8 w/magmount  7 cable BNC  145=1.15                          $15
  17. Antenna Spec.  magmount   2m 5/8  w/ UHF cable  148=1.1                     $15
  18. Unknown 5/8  Spring mount   excellent w/UHF cable 146=1.1                 $15
  19. CB magmount modified for 10 meters with UHF cable                               $15
  20. Uniden Bearcat BC-200XLT  with charger                                                   $15
  21. HF VSWR bridges, Motorola, Heath, Swan,  Amer.  Elect.    each              $10
  22. Texscan/Theta Comm 7272 VHF Signal level meter                                   $10
  23. Hombrew Power supply 13.6V 4.5A  w/powerpoles                                    $10
  24.  Hombrew  power supply 13.6V 4.0A  /powerpoles                                     $10
  25. Netgear WNR834B & Linksys BEFW1154 wireless routers both              $10
  26. Data switches, 2 way, one 4 way db-25 both for                                          $10
  27. Garmin GPSMAP 168, not working,  DC cable, data cable,                                                        AC supply, book                                                                                             $10
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DSTAR and DMR on the same radio – COMING..!!

UPDATE – just got off the phone with Jerry from CSI – he informed me that the estimated price of the unit will be around $249 (tentative). This is a killer-price for the only radio in the world that does DMR and DSTAR and analog (narrow and wide-band).

If you just couldn’t make a decision on whether to get DSTAR (from Icom) or MotoTrbo from Motorola, you soon won’t have to choose. Get BOTH on the same handheld radio, in either VHF or UHF. Projected timeframe is FALL of 2014.

CSI (Connect Systems Inc) – legendary makers of the tone encoder/decoder boards (back when they weren’t available in handhelds and had to be installed as an aftermarket device) is already building DMR radios (of course, also capable of narrowband-FM) and have recently announced that they will be expanding the capability of their DMR radio to include DSTAR..!!

No cost projections yet, but their standard DMR radio is only $185 (Amateur Net) – compared to over $600 from Motorola, so expect that the new combo radio will be in the $350-400 range (my wild-ars-guess).

Here are some details

Screenshot 2014-03-23 18.17.17

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Ham Radio Software

Ham Radio Software


CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats.

I have not tried yet, but AA6ML says it works.

73 Bill, WS1C

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A Wonderful Video Series on Amateur Radio

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DSTAR Repeater Install Soon

We will be installing a DSTAR repeater on the same tower as the current 147.075 (analog) machine in the next couple of weeks. No other assistance is needed at this time – and we will announce the frequency and callsign at a later date.

The repeater will not initially have Gateway access, since we don’t yet have an internet connection, but we’re hoping to have that problem resolved in the next few weeks.

More details to follow..

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Meeting Minutes – January 2014



JANUARY 7, 2014




The meeting was opened by the club president Mel, W2MEL, at 6:14 p.m.

He led the club in the pledge of allegiance.

W2MEL thanked the club for their help and support last year while he was vice president. He looks forward to our continued support for this year.

It is important for him as president that the members communicate what is important.

Club meetings will be held in this facility through November on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. and run to no later than 9 p.m.

Mel urged the membership to use the club web site (fpcarc.org) and participate in club activities.

W2MEL introduced the current club officers. Bill, WS1C, vice president; Sally, KI4ZPP, treasurer, George, KD2AU, secretary; Rick, KC2HFL, back up secretary.


Sally, KI4ZPP, delivered the treasurer’s report.

There was a motion to accept the report as delivered which was duly seconded and adopted.



The club members and visitors present introduced themselves.


A discussion of the current meeting facility followed. The library was not available on a consistent basis. Florida hospital and the schools were not available for Saturday meetings. The meeting rooms at banks and the city were either unavailable or not adequate for the number of people attending.

Jose Nunez, who runs the S.T.E.M. program for the County school system was responsible for getting us the present room.

Potential activities/projects for the year:

Tailgate Party (Woody’s)

Mini Field Day (Woody’s)

Field Day (Field Day committee has to be formed).


Working with the STEM program in the school system



Antenna Committee & Stem Report

Anthony ,KG4JSK, delivered a combined report:

The Antenna committee assisted KD2AU in putting up a HF antenna with a little bit more to go. Next on the list is Eddie, W2LEC.

Anthony then initiated a broad discussion of our volunteer work with the school system and the STEM program

The Stem classes meet Tuesdays and Thursday and are at Indian Trails and at Flagler High schools. We need more volunteers to help WS1C, WB2QAV, W2MEL , KL1NK and others with the work. We have to decide on our roll in the project and   whether we can make any financial contributions. Volunteers are badly needed and a blast email will be sent to the membership. PLEASE VOLUNTEER. The students are trying to get a project together for ARBOR DAY, the first Saturday in May.

Field Day needs a active Field Day committee to organize news releases and general public relations, set up, operating, logging and knock down.

WS1C agreed to lead the Field Day committee. Jason, KK4OSR, will work on the logging program  and Sally, KI4ZPP will be in charge of publicity

Chuck Milton should be asked if he could write publicity material.

We have been hampered by a shortage of operators. We need operators. Decisions have to be made about operating the entire time period of Field Day and do we want to have a joint Field Day with another club.

Our Field Day site for this year is Mala Compra, Greenway Trail, 5645 N. Oceanshore Blvd. (A1A) opposite Bing’s Landing.


Bill ,WS1C, brought up the subject of more VE sessions. Right now we are limited to the library. Bill will check about using the facilities at the School Board and Jason, KK4OSD, will check into the EOC.

Bill, WS1C, noted that the STEM Director, Jose Nunez, is looking for help with a Robotics project.

Mel, W2MEL, under old business, brought up ordering club shirts and hats to celebrate the club’s 30th anniversary. Right now the shirts would be approximately $25 if we have a minimum order of 25. Hats would be about $13. There was a discussion about color. Dark colors were not favored. Light grey and khaki seem to be popular. W2MEL will follow up

We have a repeater committee composed of AA6ML, WA3QCV, WS1C, W2MEL, WB2CIC, K2HFL AND KK4OSD.  Policies and procedures  for the repeater have to be developed.

The formal part of the meeting broke at 7:20 pm. The 50/50 was held during the recess.

WS1C made a presentation to the club following the recess.

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