DVAP with Raspberry Pi

NOTE – The video above is of the exact hardware configuration (DVAP and the Raspberry Pi), but the software configuration is from a different, albeit reputable source). The software from Robin may prove to be more reliable since he tests all aspects of operation with the DVAP hardware and understands (as you would expect) all the intricacies of the DVAP hardware and software.

Robin (AA4RC) talked at the Orlando Hamcation about the newly released software for the Raspberry Pi – a $35 self contained computer which only requires a micro-USB for 5vdc power and can connect to various external USB devices, such as the DV-AccessPoint-Dongle. He just recently released the software and we have been successful in personally loading it on a new RPi and testing it.

The combo-unit (Pi+DVAP) work seamlessly and without need for external User Interface devices – so the keyboard and display are not required for normal operation. The only thing required is either a RJ-45 Ethernet port (if you’re at home, you can connect to your router), or a WiFi connection that can talk to something like a MiFi device with Verizon 4G/LTE. NO COMPUTER REQUIRED..!

The Raspberry Pi device is about $35 from many sources int he US, including Amazon, Newark and MCM Electronics. I bought the Version-B device which has 512MB of memory plus the Ethernet port and the dual-USB connectors – a cheaper version is available sans the Ethernet port and only has 256MB and a single USB with a price of $25. Didn’t seem prudent to me to limit your options to only save $10.

The configuration of the software (the Pi boots from an SD card, which needs to be configured) is somewhat of a pain for those who want a plug-and-play system, so we will gladly offer pre-packaged DVAP-PI SD cards to members so that they only have to purchase the device, pop-in the preconfigured FPCARC card with the software, turn the device on to verify that it works, then plug-in their DVAP and GO..!!   Remember, you’ll need to already have (or purchase) a DVAP to use with your DSTAR handheld (any model). Both DVAPs are supported – the original VHF as well as the new UHF models which were specifically developed to support the Icom ID-31 handheld (UHF only).


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